Thank you Arrowleaf Cellars it was a Smash!

A fun filled weekend it was with all the other vendors at Arrowleaf Cellars. We were happily sippin' away the day on complimentary mulled wine, chatting with so many interesting people, and much to our content the Bellaklava booth got a lot of great attention. We sent many off with a sweet hand made holiday gift! If you're checking out our website because you saw us at Arrowleaf Cellars, we're glad we were there, and glad you were too.
*Aaron sippin' himself silly*
 *backstage at Bellaklava*
As an exciting part of making our website live, a small batch of hats and jewelry not displayed at Arrowleaf will go online for purchase Dec 14th. We're fired up to grow our business and make this online store thing happen, so with that, the first 3 customers will get a couple some extras in their order, we hope you get to be our first online customer. 
xo Happy Holidays